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Eric Ahrendt, Writer
Marketing Communications

Whoever did the transcription on the interview I sent did a really good job. No misspellings, correct punctuation (even semicolons), distinguishing correctly between homonyms (“sight” and “site”), formatting–it was all really good. I’ve seen many transcriptions over the years and more often than not they contain at least a couple of misunderstood words or homonyms guessed wrong that turn out to be pretty funny. None of that here! And being a writer and editor, I’m probably a pickier client than most.

Marc Ream, Senior Media Specialist
SNP Communications

SNP has been working with Keystrokes for some eight years now. During that period, we’ve thrown them just about every type of transcription and translation job imaginable. Our deadlines are always tight and many projects come in at the last minute; Keystrokes has always been there for us. They are fast, accurate, and familiar with the technical jargon that permeates our work. If you need it done right the first time, give Keystrokes a call!

Leslie Niazi, Post Coordinator
T Group Productions U.S.

In the world of reality television and documentary-style film-making, reliable transcripts are key to a successful production. For years, we have continued to go back to Keystrokes for all of our transcription needs. We regularly send large batches of interviews for multiple shows and always receive the transcripts back perfectly formatted per each network’s individual specifications, accurately transcribed and all done with lightning speed. Plus, when you have last minute changes on a cut for a network that requires a transcript for every screening, it’s nice to know that you have Keystrokes’ special turnaround options of super and SUPER DUPER in your back pocket! I can’t imagine going anywhere else. Grace’s team at Keystrokes is hands down the best!

Nora Osganian
Center for Effective Organizations, University of Southern California

Working with Keystrokes has always been a pleasure on many fronts. Not only do they do an amazing job with our requests, but their associates and customer service are superb! They respond very quickly and go above and beyond to help with our research needs! I recommend them wholeheartedly and will continue to turn to them for the top-notch service I’ve come to know them for.

Justine Newell, Project Coordinator

Excellent! We have been working with Keystrokes for two years with more than 350 transcripts that meet our specific guidelines. Keystrokes has met every deadline we’ve requested with quality and professionalism. One thing I never worry about is the product they produce. Thank you for your continued excellence and your wonderful staff.

Brian McCartney, Director of Production
Altus 365

We have been using Keystrokes for well over 10 years and we really couldn’t be happier. Turn around time consistently exceeds our expectation and the quality is second to none. Customer service is also outstanding. I know I can get in touch with someone there and get my questions answered quickly. If you care about accuracy, speed, and responsiveness, you definitely need Keystrokes.

Richard Stayton, Editor in Chief
Written By

Keystrokes is our go-to source for transcription. I refer everyone there—journalist, screenwriter, Hollywood exec—no job is too big or too small for them. They’ve turned around transcripts with insane deadlines in a matter of hours, every quote perfectly typed, including discerning important speech from those hard-to-hear interviews. We would like to highly recommend them, but we prefer to keep them all to ourselves!

Stephen Rebello, Contributing Editor

Whenever I do my massive Q and A Interviews, Keystrokes are my go-to gang for transcribing every perfect ‘pull-quote,’ run-on sentence, fragment, mumble, throat-clearing, and pregnant pause. They do their stuff with utter professionalism and with all the accuracy, speed, and good humor I could hope for.

Sasha Galbraith, Partner
Jay R. Galbraith Management Consultants, Ltd.

Keystrokes provides incredibly responsive and accurate service! We’ve used them for over ten years—primarily for digital audio transcription. Keystrokes’ typists persevere through thick foreign accents, confidential and highly technical material. They always complete our tricky projects in record time.

Bryan Quinan, CMP
Milken Institute

Keystrokes has been an integral component to the success of our events, projects and programs for many years. They produce consistently high quality transcripts and translations. They are fast, reliable and consummate professionals. They tackle difficult, technical projects with ease and always go the extra mile to ensure the best possible service. On top of all of this, they are truly a pleasure to work with. I recommend them without hesitation!

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